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Reflexology for Women's Health

I have completed a course on Reflexology for Menopause with Sally Earlam. It has helped me to further support my clients going through the perimenopause and menopause.

There are so many symptoms which women experience during the menopause from hot flushes, brain fog, insomnia, weight gain, migraines, bloating, mood swings, aching muscles and these are just a few!

Regular reflexology can support women during this time. There is research to show that reflexology helps women with hot flushes during the menopause.

The effect of foot reflexology applied to women aged between 40 and 60 on vasomotor complaints and quality of life - PubMed (nih.gov)

This is also evidence that reflexology helps women with sleep

The effects of Reflexology on sleep disorder in menopausal women - ScienceDirect

This is also true with anxiety and depression experienced during the menopause

The effects of foot reflexology on depression during menopause: A randomized controlled clinical trial - PubMed (nih.gov)

I will also make suggestions on other lifestyle changes you can make such as diet, exercise, sleep and having a sense of purpose.

Reflexology for Women during the Maternity Journey

I treat many women during their maternity journey, this may include preconception, pregnancy, and post birth. Reflexology can support women experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as pelvic girdle pain, swollen feet and ankles, insomnia, and anxiety to name but a few. Reflexology also provides an invaluable space to focus on yourself and your baby and encourages relaxation.

I have comprehensive training in Maternity Reflexology through the Suzanne Enzer course delivered by Jenni Tribe. I have also trained in traditional Chinese Medicine Pregnancy reflexology which was run by Heidi Armstrong.

There are two studies which support the following advantages of reflexology;

  • Two studies show that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour and reduced the length of the first stage of labour. (Valiani et al 2010 and M.Dolatian et al 2011)
  • Reflexology has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress of women during labour. ( Yilar Erkek Z, Aktas S 2018)
  • Those women suffering from lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and receiving reflexology experienced reduced labour time. (McCullough J et al 2017).
  • Another study showed improved sleep quality for post-natal women having reflexology. (Li C-Y et al 2011)

I also work with women experiencing fertility issues, reflexology helps to support women during this journey and can help ease some of the stress and anxiety involved and provides a natural approach. I also work with women going through assisted conception such as IVF and IUD. It can be sometimes beneficial when both of the couple have reflexology as it it’s a stressful time for both parties.

Reflexology and assisting with the menstrual cycle

As well as helping assist women for fertility and pregnancy and menopause, many women experience PMS, heavy periods or pain during their menstrual cycle. Reflexology can be beneficial and help to reduce severity and duration of menstrual pain.

According to Valiani at Al research of female students of Isfaahan University in 2010.

‘Reflexology was associated with more reduction of intensity and duration of menstrual pain in comparison with ibuprofen.’

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